As a Retired Field Grade US Army officer, combat veteran of Afghanistan, (OEF) Operation Enduring Freedom, 2011, (with 2 campaign stars), a history lover, a collector, caretaker, artist and service provider, with experience in collecting for over 20 years. Whether you are looking for a display helmet, or artifact, colorizing an old photo of your a relative, or promoting your organization with custom display, I can make your desires come true.. I have access to online databases, Newspaper archives, memorial websites and access to independently owned records such as D-Day unit rosters. I have a an independent researcher on call to fulfill National Archives requests in a fraction of the time. Design and provide custom display backdrops. Wide access and specialized knowledge and assets allows me to take on custom projects; such showing you were a relative was at a specific place and time in a battle; or rare artifacts, such as a WWII Dog Gas Mas. The most important part of this adventure for me, is sharing feeling the overwhelming joy with people when we renew someone's history, and providing access to knowledge and examples of history!

-Major, Retired, Michael P. Hart


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